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Prosody and Corpora

Mello H;
Mettouchi A;
Mithun M;
Panunzi A;
et al.
e385 Published: 01/08/2021

Braporus, spoken corpus of heritage russian in Brazil: protocol of data collection

Henriques AS;
Skorobogatova AS;
Kachkovskaia TV;
Skrelin PA;
et al.
e629 Published: 26/09/2022

How to recognize a metaphor when you see one

Dienstbach D.
e546 Published: 08/11/2021

Archiving and Language Documentation

Brandão AP;
Epps P;
Kung SS;
Moore D;
et al.
Published: 02/05/2023

Prosodic characteristics associated with punctuation marks: a scoping review

Galdino JC;
Silva KFT;
Oliveira Jr. M.
e468 Published: 25/11/2021

Mulitidimensional analysis: number in Linguistics

Delfino MCN.
e474 Published: 11/09/2021

Física, gramática e pragmática dos sons de fala

Albano EC.
e334 Published: 17/04/2021

Collections of data open to society: linguistic and sociocultural memory and potential for (re)use

Machado Vieira MS;
Barbosa JB;
Freitag RMK;
Borges MM;
et al.
e607 Published: 24/01/2022
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