CadLin adopts ROR

We are pleased to announce that all author affiliations in Cadernos de Linguística are now accompanied by ROR (Research Organization Registry) identifiers. ROR is a global, community-led registry of open persistent identifiers for research organizations.

ROR is used in journal publishing systems, data repositories, funder and grant management platforms, open access workflows, and other research infrastructure components to disambiguate institutional affiliations, improve discovery and tracking of research outputs by affiliation, and facilitate OA publishing workflows, among other use cases.

Academic publishers use ROR to help ensure that author/reviewer/editor affiliation and funding organization information is entered consistently so that contributions from users affiliated with or funded by a particular organization can be easily identified. This improves discoverability and helps to ensure that research is properly attributed and credited.

At Cadernos de Linguística we are always striving to adopt the best practices in academic publishing. We believe that the inclusion of ROR identifiers in our journal is an important step towards achieving this goal.

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