Fake News and Language (v1 N.4)

The fourth issue of Cadernos de Linguística turns public the reflections developed at the 14th edition of Abralin em Cena, on the role of language in the analysis of the phenomenon of the production of fake news in Brazilian and international context. In this event, the researchers presented works from sociocognitive approach, discursive and applied perspectives of language study and also from the perspectives of other fields of study, especially in the humanities - history, anthropology, social sciences, journalism, social communication, studies literary - also economics and computer science.   The main objective of this volume of Revista Cadernos de Linguística is to seek to understand the role of language in relation to the problem of the nature of disinformation which is present in different media, and the possibility of establishing an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue to face it. We understand that an important role of intellectuals is to read the immediate reality, bringing their understanding to the wider audience in a clear and accessible reflection. In this sense, we hope that the results presented in this volume of Cadernos de Linguística will make the public aware of some ways of identifying the phenomenon of fake news, in order to better translate how various processes of disinformation are present in our daily lives, and also to comprehend how we could become more aware of its dynamics.   Claudia Wanderley e Anna Christina Bentes (Orgs.)

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