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Prosody and Corpora

Mello H;
Mettouchi A;
Mithun M;
Panunzi A;
et al.
e385 Published: 01/08/2021

Literacy and Its Challenges: Promoting Critical Thinking In Subliterate People

Kolinsky R;
Justino J;
Arnal C;
Tossonian M;
et al.
e319 Published: 23/04/2021

Database Semantics

Hausser R.
e382 Published: 14/12/2021

Optimal categorisation: the nature of nominal classification systems

Grandison A;
Franjieh M;
Greene L;
Corbett GG.
e393 Published: 03/12/2021

Communicating Without Conventions: The Co-operation Model

Tomasello M.
e286 Published: 13/01/2021

A guide on extracting and tidying tweets with R

Adams JB;
Chiarelli CAJ.
e410 Published: 03/12/2021

Language and languaging from a phonetic point of view

Cummins F;
Wang B.
e296 Published: 15/02/2021

The nature of compounding

Hacken Pt.
01-21 Published: 07/02/2021

Problems with variable properties in syntax

Lightfoot D.
e306 Published: 13/01/2021
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