Format-Free Submission Now Available at CadLin

Cadernos de Linguistica is pleased to announce the implementation of a format-free submission procedure, streamlining the manuscript submission process and optimizing authors’ resources. This aligns with the movement to simplify academic publishing.

Recognizing the challenges faced by researchers, we understand that formatting requirements during initial submission can be burdensome. Our new policy allows authors to submit manuscripts without worrying about specific formatting guidelines, saving valuable time and energy.

We believe that the value of a manuscript lies in its academic quality, not its formatting. By eliminating strict formatting requirements during initial submission, we aim to create a more equitable and efficient publishing process.

Joining respected publishers and journals that have embraced the format-free approach, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting authors. We invite all linguistics researchers to take advantage of our format-free submission procedure and experience a more streamlined process.

At Cadernos de Linguistica, we are dedicated to promoting linguistic scholarship and facilitating meaningful scientific communication. Submit your format-free manuscripts and let your research stand out!

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