The Language Club

Introducing the "Language Club" - Your Gateway to Collaborative Preprint Reviews in Linguistics

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the "Language Club," a dedicated PREreview Club. The "Language Club" serves as your gateway to engaging in collaborative preprint reviews within the field of linguistics. Brought to fruition through the efforts of Cadernos de Linguística, in affiliation with the Brazilian Linguistics Association - Abralin, this club is poised to make a significant contribution to the advancement of linguistics research.

What is the "Language Club"?

The "Language Club" is a vibrant community comprising linguists and language enthusiasts who share a common passion for linguistics and a steadfast commitment to open science. Our primary objective is to provide timely and constructive peer feedback to authors of preprints within the realm of linguistics. By doing so, we aspire to nurture a culture of transparency, cooperation, and responsible research practices.

Why the "Language Club"?

Linguistics is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, with preprints playing a pivotal role in disseminating cutting-edge research. Recognizing the importance of offering valuable feedback during the preprint stage, the "Language Club" is dedicated to enhancing linguistic research and ensuring that the broader scientific community can access the latest insights within the field.

How Does the "Language Club" Work?

The "Language Club" is comprised of individuals who share an avid interest in the study of language and are committed to reviewing preprints on a regular basis. You can become a member by completing this form, requiring an ORCID. Upon approval of your affiliation, you will receive an email notification. Our reviews are conducted collaboratively, affording you the flexibility to select preprints aligned with your interests. However, we do anticipate that members will regularly review preprints.

Once a collaborative review is completed, it will be published openly on the PREReview website and will receive a DOI. This DOI can be used in your CVs and other documents as a legitimate publication. Our dedicated members work collectively to provide insightful comments and suggestions, contributing to the visibility and recognition of both the preprint authors and our club's valuable contributions.

How Can I Submit My Preprint for Review by the "Language Club"?

If you are an author seeking to have your preprint evaluated by the "Language Club," you can submit your manuscript using this form. Please ensure that your manuscripts are deposited in a preprint repository before submission. If accepted, your preprint will undergo thorough review by our club members and subsequently be featured on the club's page. Our dedicated members work collectively to provide insightful comments and suggestions.

Join the "Language Club" Today!

We extend a warm invitation to linguists, language enthusiasts, researchers, students, and anyone with an interest in linguistics to become part of the "Language Club." Whether your expertise lies in syntax, phonetics, sociolinguistics, or any other linguistic subfield, your perspective holds immense value.

To begin, kindly complete the form on our website to express your interest and become a member of the "Language Club." Once you're onboard, you'll have the opportunity to engage in collaborative preprint reviews, contribute to the cause of open science, and interact with fellow linguists who share your passion.

The "Language Club" is not just a community; it's a platform for instigating positive change within linguistics research. Join us today and become an integral part of this exciting journey toward a more open, collaborative, and inclusive future for linguistics.

For inquiries or further information, please reach out to

Let's work together to make linguistics research more accessible and impactful through the "Language Club"!

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