Cadernos de Linguística Achieves Maximum Score in Miguilim Open Access Thermometer

We are pleased to announce that the journal Cadernos de Linguística has received the maximum score of 100% in the Open Access Thermometer of the Directory of Brazilian Electronic Scientific Journals (Miguilim), being the only journal in this directory to achieve this distinction.

Importance of this Achievement

The Miguilim Directory, an initiative of the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict), centralizes information on Brazilian scientific journals, promoting the visibility and impact of these publications on the international scene. The Open Access Thermometer, a tool developed by Miguilim, measures the alignment of journals with the Open Access and Open Science Movements based on criteria that assess transparency, dissemination, access to content, copyright, interoperability, and ethics.

How the Score is Assigned

The maximum score of 44 points is achieved by rigorously meeting the 22 criteria established by Miguilim, which include aspects such as interoperability protocol, persistent identifier and publisher institution identifier, publication and peer review modality, publication of reviewers and externality of evaluation, permission for preprint submission, storage and access seal, access type and Creative Commons licenses, publication fees, code of ethics and bibliographic standardization, digital preservation strategy, requirement for data availability, and use of social networks and information services. Each field can score from 0 to 2 points, with 2 being the maximum score per criterion. 

Significance of the Maximum Score

Being the only journal to obtain 100% in the Miguilim Open Access Thermometer is a significant recognition of our efforts to make science accessible to all. This achievement reflects our dedication to editorial quality and alignment with best practices in open science. We will continue to work to promote the democratization of access to scientific knowledge and increase the impact of Brazilian academic production on the international scene.

We thank all our collaborators, authors, reviewers, and readers for being part of this journey. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Cadernos de Linguística team.

Cadernos de Linguística: Promoting Open Science and Free Access to Information.

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