In this experience report – part of a PhD research in progress –, the stage related to the composition of a sample of cultured writing is described, formed by textual genres published in the newspaper O Globo (Rio de Janeiro), whose constitution serves to one of the objectives of the investigation. The study is based on the assumptions of the Theory of Variation and Change (WEINREICH; LABOV; HERZOG, 1968; LABOV, 1972) to compose samples that make it possible to investigate the behavior of variable rules and their conditioning. According to Vieira (2019), whose proposal assumes the concept of a cultured norm and a standard norm (FARACO, 2008), we sought to compose a sample of journalistic genres to study linguistic phenomena from the perspective of the speech-writing continuum. (BORTONI-RICARDO, 2004; 2005; MARCUSCHI, 2001; 2010). The organized corpus was composed of seven textual genres (opinion article, reader's letter, chronicle, editorial, interview, news and comic strip) – each with about 20,000 words – and edited so that it could be manipulated by computer, according to recommended by Corpus Linguistics (SANCHES, 1995).