CadLin seeks to encourage and recognise responsible behaviours in research, and to promote a research culture that supports collaboration, diversity and inclusion, and openness. CadLin invests in research culture in a variety of ways.

Reviewers are more than welcome to work with a colleague as a co-reviewer. A co-reviewer is a researcher, ofter more junior in their career, or a technician who evaluates an article alongside a more senior (invited) reviewer. It is a valuable learning experience that we are pleased to support when used properly. The senior reviewer can only have one adequately competent co-reviewer. Besides, co-reviewing is an excellent way to mentor new reviewers. An invited reviewer can co-review a manuscript with a co-reviewer, as long as they tell the journal when they agree to review. The completed reviewer report form should be submitted to the journal, including the name and affiliation(s) of the co-reviewer within the ‘Comments to the Editor’ box of the form. We will then add their details to our database and send them an email to say thanks. The senior reviewer should be the primary point of contact for the review and is ultimately responsible for it. The senior reviewer and co-reviewer should agree on the phrasing of the review, and both reviewers must follow the same rules about competing interests.

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