Proposal for a Theme Issue

Cadernos de Linguística, an open-access journal of the Brazilian Linguistics Association - Abralin, accepts proposals for theme issues on current and broad linguistics themes, guest-edited by leading authorities, and containing new research by prominent academics. Each issue seeks to produce an original and authoritative summary that highlights recent developments while also laying the groundwork for future research, applications, and policy decisions.

Any scientist working anywhere around the globe is welcome to submit a proposal. You do not have to be associated with Abralin. We welcome submissions from scientists at any point in their careers as long as they can demonstrate some expertise and experience in their field.

Theme issue proposals must guarantee at least ten articles by invited authors, with titles (even if provisional), authorship, and a brief description of the articles' contents. It is expected, although not mandatory, that the proposals also include a public call for papers. Regardless of the type of contribution, all manuscripts submitted to a theme issue must be (i) previously published in a pre-print platform, for public evaluation, (ii) presented at a seminar organized by the guest editors, specifically to discuss the selected papers, (iii) evaluated by the Double-Open Peer Review system, in a process coordinated by the guest editors.

Members of the journal's Editorial Board assess theme issue suggestions. The editor will provide a recommendation for acceptance, rejection, or changes following the review process. If you need to make changes, you must submit a revised proposal within two weeks.

If a proposal for a theme edition is accepted, the editorial process begins according to the schedule provided by the proposers, who become Guest Editors of the Journal from this point forward.

Guest Editors are responsible for: (i) inviting authors and ensuring that their contributions are sent according to the established schedule; (ii) writing and promoting the public call - if they choose this additional modality; (iii) organizing a CadLin Online Seminar, in which the manuscripts submitted to the theme issue will be publicly discussed in the presence of the authors; (iv) ensuring the quality of the scientific content of the manuscripts; and (v) managing, with the help of our editorial team, the peer review process via the Open Journal System - OJS. Guest Editors are asked to provide an introductory article for the issue, which should provide both the expert and the general reader with the appropriate context for the topic.

Please fill out the proposal form and email it to to submit a proposal. Read the full call.

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