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Cadernos de Linguística is an open-access journal committed to featuring pioneering and inventive research across a spectrum of language-related facets. Our central goal is to foster the progression of linguistic understanding while nurturing discussions among diverse theoretical and methodological approaches.

In this post, we will unveil the top five articles that garnered the most attention in August and the all-time favorites. These articles serve as a testament to the journal's breadth and caliber, encompassing themes spanning education, history, grammar, discourse, syntax, and indigenous languages.

Top Five Articles in August

  1. Cycles of Precariousness: Revisiting Pandemic Educational Experiences and Beyond
    In this article, Ana Elisa Ribeiro discusses the precarious conditions of language education during the COVID-19 pandemic. She proposes strategies to address the challenges posed by the situation and analyzes the experiences of teachers and students in various educational settings. Ribeiro also reflects on the possibilities for pedagogical transformation.

  2. History of Linguistic Thought and Grammar Praxis in Brazil: Is Periodization Possible?
    In this article, Leonardo Ferreira Kaltner and Melyssa Cardozo Silva dos Santos investigate the feasibility of periodizing the history of linguistic thought and grammar practices in Brazil. They examine the key works and authors that have influenced the development of linguistics and grammar in the country, proposing a periodization based on historical, social, and epistemological criteria.

  3. A Constructive Perspective on the Rise of Metatextual Discourse Markers
    Elizabeth Closs Traugott presents a constructive perspective on the emergence of metatextual discourse markers in this article. These markers organize the text and guide the reader. Traugott traces their historical evolution in English and other languages, arguing that they originate from processes of grammaticalization and pragmatization.

  4. Education and Digital Technologies in the Pandemic: Cycles of Precariousness
    In her article, Ana Elisa Ribeiro delves into the topic of educational challenges during the pandemic, with a particular focus on the role of digital technologies. She examines the potential and constraints of these digital tools in remote learning and offers insights on optimizing their effectiveness.

  5. Letters of 'Quartels' Offer in Tupi by Potiguara Leaders (1645)
    In this article, Cândida Barros and Ruth Monserrat analyze two letters written in Tupi by Potiguar indigenous leaders in 1645 during the Dutch invasion of Northeast Brazil. The authors describe the linguistic and discursive characteristics of these letters and reveal historical, cultural, and political aspects of indigenous resistance.

Top Five Articles of All Time

  1. A Constructive Perspective on the Rise of Metatextual Discourse Markers
    This article, which also topped the charts in August, holds the title of the all-time favorite in Cadernos de Linguística. Published in 2021, it has garnered over 5,000 views.

  2. Education and Digital Technologies in the Pandemic: Cycles of Precariousness
    This article, which ranked fourth in August, secures the second spot among all-time favorites in our journal. Published in 2021, it has accumulated nearly 3,000 views.

  3. Theorizing About the Syntax of Human Language: A Radical Alternative to Generative Formalisms
    Geoffrey Keith Pullum's article takes the third spot among all-time favorites in the Cadernos de Linguística journal. Published in 2018, it boasts more than 2,800 views. In this thought-provoking piece, the author challenges generative formalisms of syntax and proposes a radical alternative grounded in the interplay of semantics, pragmatics, and phonology.

  4. Grammar of Brazilian Portuguese: Fundamentals, Perspectives
    Ataliba Teixeira de Castilho's article comes in fourth among all-time favorites. Published in 2021, it has garnered nearly 2,000 views. In this comprehensive work, the author presents the theoretical and methodological foundations of Brazilian Portuguese grammar—an approach aimed at describing and explaining the specificities of the national language variety.

  5. Reclaiming the Kariri-Xocó Language
    In fifth place among all-time favorites is the collaborative effort by Idiane Kariri-Xocó, Nhenety Kariri-Xocó, Diane Nelson, and Thea Pitman. Published in 2020, it has amassed nearly a thousand views. This article chronicles the revitalization of the Kariri-Xocó language—an indigenous language spoken by approximately 3,000 people in the state of Alagoas.

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