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Archiving and Language Documentation

Brandão AP;
Epps P;
Kung SS;
Moore D;
et al.
Published: 02/05/2023

Prosody and Corpora

Mello H;
Mettouchi A;
Mithun M;
Panunzi A;
et al.
e385 Published: 01/08/2021

Language Maintenance And Revitalization In Canada

Lima S.
01-15 Published: 23/12/2020

Essentials of semantic syntax: an appetiser

Seuren P.
e290 Published: 28/01/2021

Semantics and indigenous languages

Sanchez-Mendes L.
e324 Published: 25/03/2021

Experiences of Sakurabiat language and culture rescue

Guaratira SSC;
Costa CDN.
01-14 Published: 28/12/2020

A dicionarização como ferramenta de revitalização de línguas ameaçadas: dois relatos de experiência

Soares MAR;
Rodrigues Junior DC;
Galucio AV.
e704 Published: 29/03/2024

Te Hā o Te Reo: teaching the beauty of the māori language

Bortolotto MC;
Berardi-Wiltshire A.
01-15 Published: 29/09/2020

Literacy and Its Challenges: Promoting Critical Thinking In Subliterate People

Kolinsky R;
Justino J;
Arnal C;
Tossonian M;
et al.
e319 Published: 23/04/2021

Language and languaging from a phonetic point of view

Cummins F;
Wang B.
e296 Published: 15/02/2021

Russian Immigrants in Brazil: to Understand, to be Understood

Henriques AS;
Fontes MAS;
Skrelin PA;
Kachkovskaia TV;
et al.
01-18 Published: 28/12/2020

The Kiriri of Bahia’ “Sertons”: discussing documentation, revitalization and language

Souza PDS;
Rodrigues JJS;
Almeida FL;
Souza ÉMF.
01-20 Published: 13/12/2020
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