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Metaphorical constructions in the child&#+

Golembieski G.

Golembieski G.

Phonetic phenomena and composition of verbs and names

Kaltner L. F., Santos M. C. S. d.

Kaltner L., Santos M.

The role of style in the use of postvocal+

Henrique P. F. d. L., Amorim A. W. D. d., Hora D. d.

Henrique P., Amorim A., Hora D.

Preregistration of studies in experimental linguistics

Bin P. R., Mota M. B.

Bin P., Mota M.

Collections of data open to society

Machado Vieira M. d. S., Barbosa J. B., Freitag R. M. K., Borges M. M., et al.

Machado Vieira M., Barbosa J., Freitag R., Borges M., Medeiros A.

The prosody of metadiscourse

Terto A. R. B., Oliveira Jr M.

Terto A., Oliveira Jr M.

Production of open educational resources +

Pereira D. R. M., César D. R.

Pereira D., César D.

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